2017 Conference

The 41th European Library Automation Group Systems Seminar will be in …?

We are still searching for a location for the 41th ELAG conference! If you want ELAG to be at your institution and like to help organise ELAG2017 please contact Peter van Boheemen (peter.vanboheemen@wur.nl), Chair of the ELAG Programme Committee. ELAG gives your institution a great opportunity to bring library technologists and librarians together to discuss and create the library of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more information on the exact dates and conference location. We wish you all a great vacation. For more information on the previous conference, visit the elag2016 conference website below.

The 40th European Library Automation Group Systems Seminar was in the Royal library, Copenhagen (Denmark), June 6-9 2016



The theme that was chosen for this year conference is ‘EXIT’. We talk a lot about future developments, but not so much about what we leave behind. We transition data and applications. We stop doing some things and start doing new things. What effort do we put in transitioning data? How do we implement new services ? How do we implement new data models and architecture and what problems do we encounter in that process ? How do we evaluate the effect of transitions ?


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