Pre-conference bootcamp guidelines

1. Description of ELAG pre-conference bootcamps

Pre-conference bootcamps take place the day before the conference proper and typically have a more technical, hands-on focus. They are typically 1/2-day (3 hour) or 1-day (6 hour) sessions with 10-20 people. Participants will bring their laptops, other facilities like Internet access, power cables and other computer support can be made available. Bootcamps are typically centred on tools that are readily available on the Internet as open source or web services. The technical backgrounds of the participants can include a mix of programming, systems and metadata experts.

2. Guidelines for Bootcamp leaders

Here is an outline of the tasks that you will need to undertake when leading a bootcamp:

3. Example of a typical pre-conference Bootcamp

Title: Searching with SOLR
Name(s): Tanya Mullard and John Giles
Expected time slot: 3 hours
Audience: Systems librarians, systems operators
Expertise: Basic Windows/Linux administration, XML.
Required: local Java JDK 1.5 (or better) installation, SOLR (will be made available), Internet connection Programming experience: Not required.
Short description: We will install a SOLR server, look into data types, indexing, and querying. At the end you will run your own search engine.