Call for proposals: Pre-Conference Bootcamps ELAG 2017

Are you a library hacker who has found new ways to leverage library data to build 21st century services?

Are you a systems implementer boosting productivity by rapidly building innovative applications?

Do you think you’ve found a better way to create or deliver information for library users?

A programme of optional Bootcamps offer ELAG participants the opportunity to learn new skills or enhance their knowledge of specific topics related to library technology. These Bootcamps provide participants a way to learn from experts and veterans in a particular domain. Hands-on and fast-paced, these Bootcamps give a primer on the most up-to-date practices in library automation and provide insights into new, upcoming technologies. Bootcamp leaders have the opportunity to present their work, test their applications in new contexts and find collaboration partners.

Please share your expertise, show what you can do, and meet with other library enthusiasts.

ELAG 2017 will be jointly organized by the National Technical University of Athens, the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link, the National Library of Greece and the Department of Librarianship and Information Systems of the Technological Education Institute of Athens.

Bootcamps have a duration of 1 day and will be held on the day before the Elag conference. Guidelines for Bootcamp leaders are available at:

Last year’s event saw lively discussions and developments on topics such as Jupyter notebooks, command line tools, building integrated discovery indexes and JPEG 2000.  For inspiration about topics for your workshop at this year’s ELAG conference, see the sub-themes page:

To propose a Bootcamp, please complete the form below and send to: Peter van Boheemen (, Chair of the ELAG 2017 Programme Committee

All proposals will be reviewed by the ELAG 2017 Programme Committee

The deadline for proposals is  February 19th 2017.

The results of the review process will be sent by March 1st 2017.


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