Where: Microsoft Teams, details to be announced
Date: October 20, 2020 14:00 – 15:00 CEST
Contact: Peter van Boheemen, Chair of the ELAG Programme Committee 
Email: peter.vanboheemen at

Are you proud of the work that you did last year? Do you know things you want to share? Do you have a great idea? Are you able to teach your colleagues something?

These were the questions we asked our ELAG attendees for several years to kindly invite them to join the oldest library tech conference in Europe (starting 1979). Having done this for over forty  years, never could we have imagined that 2020 would be that much different from all other years. We would have been in lovely, beautiful Riga in 2020 with a great programme to share with the world. 

Alas, things turned out to be different than we hoped to be. A good-old fashioned ELAG conference with an official and unofficial program needs to wait for one more year when we are invited again to Riga. However, this won’t stop us from saying hello to you all and to listen to what you have been up to all these months. The ELAG programme committee and the Riga organisers are planning to organise an online Mini-ELAG conference with short lightning talks in October 2020 to show we are all still here and planning to do the things we love to do: sharing our pet library projects and information with the world.

Therefore we will ask you once again: Are you proud of the work that you did last year? Do you know things you want to share? Do you have a great idea? Are you able to teach your colleagues something? Yes! Then join our online Mini-ELAG conference! We will use Microsoft Teams, each speaker will get a 5 minute or a 10 minute slot for  lightning talk presentation.

Please send in your proposal here

Later this summer we will send out the contact details and programme. We can’t wait to see you all again!

ELAG 2020 is cancelled

The organisers and programme committee of ELAG 2020 have decided to cancel this year’s conference. The ELAG 2020 conference was due to take place June 9-12, 2020 at the National Library of Latvia in Riga. Facing the uncertainties around the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) we concluded it’s best to postpone ELAG 2020 to 2021.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted proposals for the conference! We hope to see you all next year in Riga. We will soon begin discussing a date for the next ELAG meeting and will inform you as soon as there are any news.

Stay safe and healthy and see you next year!

The organisers and programme committee of ELAG 2020/1

Extension deadline call for proposals


Call for proposals ELAG2020

How can you contribute to ELAG!

The next ELAG conference will take place in Riga, Latvia from 09 to 12 June 2020.

You can contribute to the ELAG conference in several ways by submitting: 

  • A presentation proposal:  They are the core of the ELAG programme. Presentations allow you to present your work in 25 minutes in a plenary session. After which there are 5 minutes for questions.  
  • A workshop proposal: Workshops are run throughout the main ELAG programme and are used for group discussions on a selected topic. The workshop leader acts as the moderator of these discussions. Workshops are split into 2 sessions on 2 days of 1.5 hours each. On the last day the participants of the workshop need to present a short 10-15 minute summary about the results of the workshop during the plenary session.
  • A bootcamp proposal: Bootcamp start on the day before the conference. They typically provide hands-on training on software, tools relevant to the community. Bootcamps can be short (2-3 hours) or take a whole day (6 hours).  

Some ideas and previous topics for workshops and bootcamps: DevOps & infrastructure bootcamp, Fail4Lib (history of fails in your software projects), deep learning in libraries, a deep dive into tools like Ansible, Apache Nifi, and Catmandu; or other!

Guidelines for conference presentations, workshops and bootcamps are available at:

To submit a presentation, workshop, or bootcamp proposal, please complete the form here:

The deadline for proposals is February 19, 2020. All proposals will be reviewed by the ELAG 2019 Programme Committee, and the results of the review process will be sent by March 11, 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Peter van Boheemen, Chair of the ELAG Programme Committee, at

Save the Date: ELAG 2020 9-12 June

Contribute to and join the ELAG conference! 

ELAG is Europe’s premier conference on the application of information technology in libraries and documentation centers. For over forty years, the ELAG (European Library Automation Group) Conference has provided library and IT professionals with the opportunity to discuss new technologies, to review on-going developments, and to exchange best practices. 

The next ELAG conference will take place in Riga, Latvia from 09 to 12 June 2020. A call for proposals will be sent at the beginning of December. 

National Library of Latvia, Home of ELAG 2020

National Library of Latvia, Home of ELAG 2020. Photo by Indrikis Sturman

The principal goals of ELAG conference are to:

  • Promote knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mutual understanding of new library and archive technologies and services;
  • Connect people working in libraries, archives, museums, and software development projects within and across those domains;
  • Study the impact of changing user expectations and behaviours;
  • Collaborate on navigating evolving library standards and the effects on library technology;
  • Define common principles for library automation by sharing best practices and defining new standards;
  • Foster exchanges about data, software and documentation beyond the scope of any single technology, vendor, or toolset;

The ELAG conference provide a bridge between technologists, metadata experts, archivists, management to study the impact of automation technology in a changing library and archive landscape. Make yourself heard and participate in our community.


The 44th European Library Automation Group Systems Seminar will be in Riga, Latvia June 9 – 12, 2020

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming ELAG conference in the next weeks!

For more information, visit our conference website

For those who want to continue the ELAG discussions, we have an ELAG Slack channel were currently 81 library enthusiasts are participating. Join us at:

Do you want to help in organising ELAG or participate in our programme committee? At the ELAG Slack we have a #conference channel. Please introduce yourself or send an email to our chair of the ELAG Programme Committee Peter Van Boheemen (