Presentation guidelines

In ELAG conferences, we divide our time between visiting workshop meetings and presentations.

At a three day conference we will have slots of 30 minutes for people that have submitted a proposal to do a presentation. This means a speaker has to prepare for a 25 minute presentation, since we need some time for a question and some time to get the next speaker going.

The ELAG program committee sends out a call for proposals about 6 months before the conference. The committee members evaluate proposals and will select no more than 14 presentations.

The first day there will also be a keynote presentation. A keynote speaker is asked to do a presentation by the ELAG progam committee and will be given 1 hour to do a presentation.

Participants are also encouraged to speak at two slots of 45 minutes that are reserved for Lightning Talks. Participants can register for this at the conference.

These slots will be programmed on the second and third day of the conference.

Guidelines for speakers

Your audience is familiar with library automation issues.

However, they will be a mixture of technical and less technical people. If you want to be really technical, that’s fine, but make this known beforehand.

If you want to get into details or would like to discuss concepts, consider a workshop proposal.

If you want to prepare for a ‘hands-on’ event, consider a pre-conference Bootcamp proposal.

Please make sure your presentation does not exceed 25 minutes, considering your 30 minute time slot.

Guidelines for Lightning Talks

Please register early at the start of the conference, to select your favourite time slot.

5 minutes is short, but it really helps you to focus on what is important about what you want to tell your audience.