Fatcat – Perpetual Access to Millions of Open Research Publications

Martin Czygan, Internet Archive

In 2017, with funding support from the Andrew Mellon Foundation and the Kahle/Austin Foundation, the Internet Archive launched a project focused on preserving all publicly accessible research documents, with a particular focus on open access and at-risk materials. As part of this effort, we built an editable catalog https://fatcat.wiki/, with an open API to allow anybody to contribute. The software is free and open source, as is the data and we invite others to reuse and link to the content we have archived. This lightning talk will demo the site and its collaborative features.

More information about the project can be found on its homepage [1] and a recent blog post [2].

[1] https://fatcat.wiki/about

[2] https://blog.archive.org/2020/09/15/how-the-internet-archive-is-ensuring-permanent-access-to-open-access-journal-articles/